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Nova pjesma “We Are The Cowboys” najavljuje 70. studijski, odnosno 144 ukupni, album legendarnog Willieja Nelsona koji se zove “First Rose Of Spriing” a koji će izaći u petak 3. srpnja!
Spot za pjesmu na linku je režirao Williejev sin Micah i bio je to Willieju poklon za nedavni Dan očeva.
Kao i uvijek Willie nam donosi prepoznatljive kaubosjke motive, ali i mudre mis/stihove: “The cowboys are riding tall in the saddle/They shoot from the heart with the songs that they play”, “We are the cowboys, the true sons of freedom/We are the men who will get the job done”, “Cowboys are average American people/Texicans, Mexicans, Black men and Jews/They love this old world and they don’t want to lose it/They’re counting on me and they’re counting on you.” ili “The world will breathe easy when we stop the bleeding/The fighting will end when all hunger is gone/There are those who are blind so we’ll all have to lead them/It’s everyone’s job till we get the work done.”
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